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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Be bold to make a change!

You cannot change whatever you cannot confront. Every thought of change in your mind is like an image in the mirror; you can see it, you can be aware of it's presence, but you can't feel it!

Many are the great monuments that are still remaining in the bud of wishes; no change is expected if wishes are made to be priorities! When wishes were to be the means to excellence, God would have spared us of the precious gifts he deposited in us! "Wishing" alone cannot make it!

The bottom line is that, God is not content with your present state no matter how great you feel about it; that's why he gave you imaginations. Through an excellent use of imaginations, dynamic transformation becomes evident.

The principal key to unlocking the gates of change is "boldness" without which accomplishments still remain as potentials. If you claim you want to make a change, you got to be bold, confronting your obstacles with a courageous spirit. That's the key!

When you begin, almost every voice is gonna tell you to give up!
However, if you are being driven by the spirit of boldness, you are going to "tune down" the voices of discouragement!

Be bold and live life sooooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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