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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

See yourself up there!

Great aspiring achievers are people who see themselves as "Consultants", but not as "sales persons" even at the time they are running "sales errands". They believe that "no condition", not even one "is permanent"!

God has his own plans that are meant to prosper us. It is an ingratitude unto God if you refuse to appreciate the fact that where you are, is too small as compared to where you will be. Never think and say "it is over for you". God is not done with you until he is done with whatever he created you to do.

Every breakthrough will manifest to create better conditions in your life if only you believe to achieve it. Wherever you dream of being, you will be there if it is God's own will for you! Nothing will change it!

See yourself climbing; but not descending! See yourself rising; but not falling! See yourself floating; but not sinking! See yourself galloping; but not crawling! As a man thinks, so he becomes. Think positive and you will be there!

Live life so well and remember, no condition is permanent and none will ever be!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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