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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's about YOU!

You got to change your mind, not because your brains cells are getting worn out; But because your thought process may become too old to correspond with the systems in the world now. You can and you must change the world! And if that will happen, then you must change your mind!

You got to put an end to all behaviours of indignity that disfigure your integrity, not because your Government is stopping it; But because they do not brand you in anyway better way!

You got to stop every war of fear, inadequacy, low self-image, etc. in your ongoing in your mind and have a peace of heart, not because United Nations had trained peace-keepers; but because it is healthy to find peace in the midst of the storm!

You are responsible for the kind of name you want to bear; you got to create it and tag it on yourself! God continues to do great things through human beings and you were not created to be an exception. However, you got to understand that it does not take your knowing to get you going; it takes your "thinking and acting" to get you climbing higher and higher!

Don't be thoughtful of depending on the shoe of other people in order to run your life so well. It won't fit; Even if it does, you can only have it to hire. It's all about you; appreciate yourself for whom you are and get going because you can get there!

YOU are YOU! Know YOU can! YOU must not be afraid because God has a prosperous future plan for YOU! YOU got to know YOU! Guess who you are? YOU are a blessing to all others especially me!

That's why I can't stop loving YOU!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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