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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!

 Believe that you are responsible for your own accomplishments God deposited in you!
·        Believe that success is not luck; it is the result a deliberate effort to do a hard work!
·        Believe that prayer works through faith and action; and actions taken with convictions!
·        Believe that great people took great steps. Weak people took weak steps!
·        Believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

·        Believe that you must not allow great tasks to frighten you just because they look great!
·        Believe that you must not waste your energy pursuing clustered tasks, but rather plot them strategically against the available time!
·        Believe that you can prepare and plan every single day and at the end account for a joyful day!
·        Believe that you can break things down and assemble them to work for you!
·        Believe that greater is He, that is in you than He that is in the world!

·        Believe that you can control and dominate in your field of endeavour, so you must conquer every strong obstacle behind or ahead of you!
·        Believe that to complete well as a successful climber, you must never think of descending too early. Keep climbing upwards!
·        Believe that you will construct new paths, new journeys, and new impacts for others to benefit them! Create new opportunities for others!
·        Believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

·        Believe that you need somebody who will give you guidance and correction!
·        Believe and pray for the best companionship and the wisdom to discern the thought of your associates!
·        Believe you must serve as a blessing to everyone in your companionship!
·        Believe you can get there when you take the positive and healthy path!
·        Believe that iron sharpens iron; you can sharpen the countenance of another person!

·        Believe that every human being must be guided!
·        Believe that every human being has something inside him/her that counts!
·        Believe that everyone was sent to leave a mark on earth!
·        Believe that everyone is fallible, you may make mistakes!
·        Believe that everyone must be sharpened before he can be able to work!

Believe it and you will achieve it!


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