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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The watch word is hope!

Hopelessness is advance failure in a disguised envelope. People are crippled to have bed-ridden dreams just because they don't believe they can take progressive steps with those dreams. Success is no magic; grab a handful of hope and never let it go till you get there!

Don't be a patron of disbelief; nobody fights and wins battles in the hand gloves of doubts. If you are convinced about your choices, go with full hope that you will get there by the grace of God! Don't entertain fear; it does not entertain you either; it only scares you!

Hope fuels your inspirations while doubts assault your aspirations! Hope greets your desires warmly while doubts insult your efforts bitterly! If I am to choose between fear and doubts, I will go for the third choice; thus "nothing"! This is because doubts are deadly chemicals that kill viable dream seeds; and fear is a compacted concrete soil which prevents the dream seeds from germinating!

Stay on course; be hopeful; have the faith and you will get what God prepared for you!

Israelmore Ayivor


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