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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Keep the dreams alive!

Dreams are light bulbs that brighten your room. But having them on the ceiling is just not enough; you got to make an effort by pressing on the switch and there is goes taking away the darkness! You control your life by the remotes of your actions. Anytime you take actions the screen of your life changes till you get tuned to the best station or destination of God’s choice for you!

Ask the man who invented the light bulbs- Thomas Edison; ask him how he made it and he’ll tell you he tried it 999 times, all failed. But in the 1000th step, there was a change! Something showed up; it was light and darkness was taken away at night. You can only take away the darkness of living a mere life and living a fulfilled life by daring to dream and taking actions to make them come true!

What are your dreams? What are you doing about them? What and who are stopping you? You can never be a failure if your dreams are backed by a divine authority. Yours are prosperity, but not harm; victory, not victimization; expected end, not failure. Claim it by pressing on the switch of your dreams and taking actions as many as you can to get them actualized!

Your dreams will not die!

Israelmore Ayivor


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