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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Maintain your integrity!

Live life in such a way that when another person tells his or her truth, you'll not be committed for blame. Integrity involves the ability to stand straight when you tell your truth, and still stand straight when the other person comes to talk!

The truth may roar, but it's roaring does not terrify the blameless. Guilty conscience needs neither a critic nor an accuser. Remember, the truth has no crutches; once it is limping, its name is "a lie'.

Work hard in the day; as hard as you can even if no one is watching you! Work harder in the night; as harder as if everyone's eyes are on you. Whatever you do in the darkness tells more about who you are that what you do well in light. Without!

To maintain your integrity, be a person who does not violate the principles of the truth. Vote for truth even if you have to vote alone; believe it "your vote will not be lost"!

Israelmore Ayivor


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