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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Talkatives vs. Walkatives...

This year, it'll be better for us to let our actions do the talking, not our words. "It is easier said than done", said a proverb. And it's well known that nothing good comes with ease, so it is expected of an aspiring achiever to leave the talking behind and do the walking, then continue with running and later galloping if the need be!

Chronic talkatives do not make it in reality, they only make it in language, Chronic walkatives do make it because the result of walking is getting to your intended destination! Talkatives complain, cry, shout, brag, and are more hysterical about their lives than something else; do not be a part of that tragedy! Perhaps it's been a while now that you have been complaining, crying and shouting about your "labour pains". It's time to show us your baby!

A woman who does not push it hard cannot deliver her baby; so it is in life! If you push it hard, you get it quickly; if you delay, you either get it behind the deadline or you don't get it at all. No wonder a woman who delays pushing her baby as early as expected only gets a dead baby in most cases! Don't talk more than you can walk!

Leave the talking, go walking. However, never walk alone. Walk with your God-given passion and I believe success will be yours!

Israelmore Ayivor

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