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Friday, 11 April 2014

Create an idea bank!

Solutions to great needs become evident as a result of great ideas that appeared in the brains of the passionate few. Idea is the basic unit of imaginations that become the reason why actions and reactions can produce accomplishments.

God gave us the ability to think and imagine because he wants our present to be the less in prosperity than our future. It means who eventually we become, what we habitually do, what we expressively understand and how we cooperatively work are all results of what we think and believe! When the seeds of the thoughts are bad, the fruits are equally going to be bad no matter how good the weather is. Change your thoughts; create a reserve of positive thoughts every day!

Be a positive thinker; flood your mind with loads of great ideas with the basic option of making a deliberate impact in the lives of the people you meet physically or otherwise. A lot of ideas may come swimming through your flooded mind in form of dreams; cast your net widely and globally to fish out the big ones and you will change the world!

Ideas can change the world; create an idea bank where the world will one day be loaned with your accomplishments when they become realities. Ideas liberate people from ignorance; Go, think and imagine!
Billions of dreams die off every year. I believe yours will not be part of that proportion! This book was written purposefully to safeguard the dreams we have about the future everyday and make them become realities. Before a dream can mature and manifest itself as real, a lot of loaded efforts come into play! This book “Shaping the dream” is a major contribution to inspirational literature, that …exposes the action plans to take when you have a dream and want to see it actualized! This book provides you with the knowledge you need to create make you an achiever! In “Shaping the dream”, you will discover 101 thought provoking principles that will guide you to make your dreams become realities with emphasis on attitude building, personal branding and time management among others.
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