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Friday, 11 April 2014

Create opportunities; make use of them!

It may be that you've just missed a great opportunity that should have been your turning point towards the direction of greatness. What next? Go into your closet and learn your lessons; "opportunity missed may not be regained, but new a opportunity can be recreated with the will that have to work harder!

If you miss the due rainfall period, it does not mean that you can't plant your seeds. What it means is that you now have to work harder to irrigate your plants, not expecting even the "free dews". If you don't have the eyes to see opportunities, you have the hands to create them, which means you have a greater work to do this time!

Make good use of clearly defined opportunities that come your ways. But when the unexpected happened and you miss it, don't give up! Don't throw the dreams away. You can rise up if only you are prepared to work harder than before!

Go, create opportunities! 
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