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Friday, 11 April 2014

Your age is not a barrier

Your age is not a barrier!

18 years old twin sisters, Aneeta Kumar and Ameeta Kumar, have won the UK Scientist of the Year award for their incredible work developing an early diagnostic tool for cancer, which could save countless lives. Wow! Impressive!

When interviewed about their success, the girls said, "It’s a really big role to fill and an important one but we’re very happy to be doing it. Hopefully, it will encourage other people, especially girls, to get involved and get into science." Their research work is going be developed by a team at oxford university and guess what; " The Kumar theory will hopefully lead to the cure of Cancer"!

Congratulations Aneeta and Ameeta!

Age is not a barrier! Just at 18 years old their dreams are burning the flames of Success! What the old people cannot do, the young can do!

Go, youths go!
Go, teenagers go!
Go, babies go!
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