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Friday, 11 April 2014

Don't entertain fear!

> Don't be afraid to begin the race you dream of!
> Never be afraid to start all over when you fail!
> Don't be afraid to give a trial another chance!
> Never be afraid to make mistakes by acting!

Fear robs us of our giant riches and afterwards laughs at our poverty. Fear guide us into loss and later mocks at our inability to make it happen. Fear treats us with shame and later gossips about our ignorance. Look at that!

The truth is that; "the zip you are afraid to open closes the golden ring you long to poses". So why be afraid to unzip your potentials? When you allow fear to cut down the size of your success garments, this same fear will later mock at your nakedness! Don't let fear be your usher; it gives you the seat that no respectable person will love to occupy!

Don't be afraid to say "it is over" to fear! Let your faith take the lead!
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