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Friday, 11 April 2014

Timidity is not humility!

Don't entertain fear in anyway; sometimes FEAR misinterprets "Humility" as "Timidity". To be timid is coil yourself into small quarters and not being able to do what you can because of something or someone or something someone said.

Humility on the other way is a good attitude, a fruit of the spirit and a top ranking leadership quality that admits that everyone was made equally and each person deserves respect no matter who he/she is or where he/she stands or what he/she does while standing at where and why.

It is no humility if you have to quit taking steps to achieve your dreams just because an elderly person tells you that "small boys don't do that". It is no humility if you obey to get intoxicated with an alcoholic drink in a company of friends just because you feel it's a way of making your friends feel you love them. It's no humility if you easily give in for pre-marital sex because your "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" claims it is a way of proving you are loving, caring and respectful to him/her. That's foolishness; it's no humility!

If it sucks your position on the ladder of Success it’s not humility; it's timidity! If it sucks your position in God kingdom; it's carnality, or fair enough it's profanity but not humility! Do not be quick to admit offers that tend to demoralize your brand. Be bold to take a stand and stand-alone if that is what will keep you up!

Never be afraid to speak your mind on relevant issues; good leaders stand for relevance and they are never afraid to face the facts head on. Bad leaders see the problems, close their eyes and do something else! Your Success is well assured; don't abuse yourself and get it sucked up!

Don't fear; be bold. Go, make a change!
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