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Friday, 11 April 2014

Why you have to re-position yourself

You have to change position when you are unsatisfied with where you are at the moment. Positions, locations or settings that do not create a better brand out of you will remain to do so until they are acted on upon by an external force. You are the engine; you are the generator of that force that turns to re-position you!

No work is done if no distance is covered. This means, to change position, not merely a movement, but a progress has to be made. The first and foremost step towards a "change of position" is a "change of mind". Mental re-positioning is the priority that sets the pace for higher accomplishments! When you make your thoughts positive ones, you set yourself up for progress!

Re-positioning is not a necessity when you are comfortable with where you are. It is a misplaced priority to change the direction that takes you to a better destination. You would miss your treasures in that room if you insist on changing the true key that opens the door!

Go, access your steps, direction and position. Know if it's necessary to make a change. If it’s necessary, do it now. If it's not necessary, stay there and make a difference!
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