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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Possibilities are potentialities of realities

Possibilities are potentialities of realities. A reality which is yet to be established is termed a possibility. Once possible, it can become real. But it does not take the advantage of it being potentially real to become actually real. This does not occur. Possibilities are converted through actions that go through steps to mature into realities visible for the whole world to see. It all depends on the transformation process that the possibilities go through based on the imaginations, thoughts and illusions to make them become ideal structures. Big monuments, big castles and other big infrastructures become real just because of big thoughts that radiated through the brains of some human beings. These thought of big dreams were not left on their own to work their own ways and reach higher levels of attainment to become real. Rather, they were worked on by human hands and tools to gain visible roots. Take quick steps to reform and transform your potentialities to real and actual realities.

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