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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Learn to sing your success song

Success relates and applies to different people in different ways and endeavours in life. For instance, the success of a newly married couple is to remain in unity, bring forth good children and celebrate marriage anniversaries later in life. Success to a student may be to pass that examination, make that mark in that special test and later come out with flying colours. Similarly, a market woman may define her success as evident when her sales bring profit as expected. Another area of success is to a Christian who looks forward to enjoying eternity not in agony, but in triumph. The reality of this goal of that Christian is evident by one day seeing himself among the elects of God after the end of the first heaven and the first earth and this is his success. It therefore means everyone has success stories to dream about and success songs to learn and sing since we all engage in daily chores that we must expect to bring success to us.

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