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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sacrifice through Self discipline

It is not enough to just write you goals, visions and values down. Your inherent commitment to plans you made is the price you pay to get the objective criteria of those plans. Each and everyone, even the unsuccessful also have a volume of discipline. This account for the reason why a lazy student though lazy, cannot sleep 24 hour in a day. He or she will by every means wake up even if its midday to start his or her daily work. But a customer on the search for success must do more than an unconcerned idle citizen whose dreams about being fed with golden spoon by another person. Self-discipline suggests that you make plans and stick, committed to them or you have resolutions and you don’t go against them. You need to give away pleasure hour in quest of pursuing a divine desire in your directions; this takes sacrifice. Sometimes it feel bitter when keeping on track because as said earlier success is a warfare in which troops of abandoned attitudes still create the tension when they demonstrate for a comeback. Self-discipline turns them away.

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