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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Eleven (11) things achievers do

You first turn the wheel of success inside you by your thoughts and the outcome will reflect on the outside. Remember again that successful people are ordinary people who:
  1.  Have positive attitude towards their actions, directions and convictions.  
  2. Respect their own values, virtue and voluntary visions
  3. Have a burning passion to see their purposes realized
  4. See hope ahead in the face of every difficulty.
  5. Can believe in their resolutions even if they seem impossible
  6. Pursue excellence and reject the arguments of mediocrity
  7. Make constant efforts towards their perceptions
  8. Consciously are aware of their state through self-analysis
  9. Believe failure could be an opportunity to succeed better
  10. Maximize the size of the dreams they pursue
  11. Believe success is worked for from the inside to the outside.
Good luck and love you!

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