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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Three (3) R's of a dreamer

Resistance of unprofitable opportunities:  At the dissolution stage of your success deal, all tempting behaviours, especially those caused by bad attitudes must be avoided. Some things that appear as opportunities are real sins. It takes conscious awareness to identify these and re-align. It also takes endurance to resist a bad attitude and persistence to keep doing this continuously. When dissolving old ways for the new, you get these odd powers fighting back to take their former seats. It’s like coup d’├ętat where there is tension in the system of opposition and the ruling. But with involvement of God and perseverance, your resolution are secured.
Reading your value:  As a self-life coach where you become a monitor to your own walks, beware of factors that may hinder good decisions and transform them for the better. It is like the work of a thermometer and that of a thermostat. Both can measure views, quantities and parameters, but it’s only the thermostat that can transform the state of a situation for the better. Thermometer measures it and there it ends.
Redefining the size of your dream: Success is not obtained from the silver platter. It is bought and re-fashioned. At the point of dissolution, ideas to be given away were determinants of narrow success, so we will call that narrow dreams. But thanks be to God they were given away by involving him to resolve new ways whose size are wide and deep.

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