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Monday, 6 August 2012

Seven (7) things fear does

Different concepts viewed fear from different angles. The concept in which fear is being used determined its meaning and for that matter its consequences. However, this concept sees another side of fear that it is a canker-worm to developmental fabrics that weave our virtues, rendering us valueless even in what we think we pursue. The best that a man can do to be free from this scavenger is to bag it for the already burning rubbish dump. Henry Hayford noticed this and retorted; “if there is anything I could banish from the earth, its fear”. Yes, fear is a little hell. It has no know essence and comes with numberless detrimental effects as follows:

Fear breeds poverty:
Sister Mary Tricky taught that “fear is the faith that it won’t work”. Meanwhile we know its obvious something working out positively well will be a source of sustenance. If this is so, we can rightly understand that fear creates a conducive environment for poverty to flourish. Before poverty can stay and be recognized, it must find a place of comfort. Courage converts poverty into prosperity while fear preserves its heritage. Poverty under the colony of fear torments an individual with all sorts of unrealistic efforts; efforts made without courage. Fear suppresses the need for men to prosper. Men who fear cannot risk their talents and poor they remain because talent in action is wealth but talent’s inaction is poverty.
Fear shuts the doors of opportunity:
At the door of opportunity, people who fear are so much aware that opening that door will be the main route to their success. But fear whispers to them“if you open it, this and that might happen” and this keeps the door shut, remaining untouched. The fact is that they fear the challenges that pursue success and as they reject these challenges, success is rejected as well. The mind of opportunity is then killed to death. “Fear is a mind killer. Fear is the little hell that brings total obliteration” (Frank Herbert). Jeseph Cambell confirmed it by advising that “the cave you fear to enter contains the treasure you seek”. Do you seek success? Search for it with courage.
Fear keeps an individual static:
Growth is a dynamic process achieved by changing of oneself for the better. Fear and inaction are comrades; inaction dances to the tunes stroked by fear. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Get up and get busy” said Dale Carnegie. With idleness, you grow your fears to become giant. When these fears mature, they stop your progress. You feel like acting to resolve an issue for your personal comfort and fear stops you. This fear got its source from idleness and you become the sufferer.
Fear make you to blame the world:
There are times that some people ought to change their circumstances into opportunities which they failed to do. Some also see tasks ahead as difficult to trample over. The little lesson to take here is take these people later projected their failure to an excuse, event or persons.  You can imagine someone who failed in an examination and blamed it on witches and wizards instead of identifying his role as an indolent student. If you cannot turn something up, let the whole world know that it’s because of your fears. Don’t let the opportunity bypass before you blame your failure on another things.
Fears guides one to danger:
Courage is a presentation of one’s bold chest to face battles which were constructed for victory. Unless overcome, the victory remains an illusion. When danger appears the same courage and hope is used to suppress it. However in the fields of fear, danger gains the upper hand and overthrows those who fear. On another side some people fear a true opportunity that they see as a difficulty. In an attempt to hide from it, they meet relatively unnecessary ones that they see as opportunities. The bigger your circumstances, the bigger the victory provided courage flows in to help you counter the circumstances. But to the fearful people, the bigger the circumstances, the quicker their backward footsteps. If you reverse your foot without cautions you might reverse into danger.
Fear leads to suffering:
Fear is an emotional state that keeps haunting those who patronize it. Chanaleya warned “as soon as fear approaches near, attack it”. The presence of fear in you will always causes you to panic when you see the fearful object and this is a fearful torment. Fear of opportunity which also creates poverty, is a master of suffering. Either you suffer from the tormenting haunts of the fearful things in you or you enjoy the poverties’ status of fear to make success out of your talented views. “fear is the path to the dark side, few leads to anger, and anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” (Yoda)
Fear limits your world view:
 Fear creates a barrier that reduces the intervisibility between you and where your success dreams stand. Within the tentacles of fear, one sees just a narrow range of achievements to be tapped from his talents and for these reasons, work little than expected. A person who fears cannot dream a good dream, that’s if he dreams in the first place. Even if he dreams at all, he does not dream big since he considers a much effort is needed that he does not pose. Inferiority develops from fear and it teaches that you can see the world as a small globe.

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