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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ability, Motivation and Attitude

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what to do. Attitude determines how to do it”- Lou Holtz

Everyone has a capability and that is what he or she can do when given the opportunity. An attempt to do go outside what you can only leads you wayward.
Case Study on "Ability":
Imagine a striker in a football team for instance the reknown Christiano Ronaldo who is popularly known for his wonders in scoring goals, deciding to play the position of a goalkeeper. How awkward he will perform! Why? Because goal scoring is his ability and any attempt to practice what he can’t do well and don’t do regularly is a leading factor of failure.

Everyone is blessed with a reservation to do something his abilities are geared towards. It therefore means that everyone at least have a level of personal motivation. It is now expected of you to know what you are motivated to do. You may be motivated by your talents and or, someone’s speech and or an action you are exposed to. Motivations are what “determine what to do”. Are you motivated positively or negatively?
Case Study on "Motivations":
There was this secondary school student called G.K. G.K got introduced to his friends who were average smokers. Having being motivated by their actions, their actions (i.e smoking) in turn “determined what G.K should do”. G.K eventually ended a heavy smoker while his friends remained average smokers. Today his parents spend a lot to care for his psychiatric medication.

Everyone has attitudes, be it positive ones or the reverse of it. Attitude could be healthy or unhealthy. It tells more about how you will do something you are capable of doing or what you are motivated to do. Attitude appears in your actions, mood and thoughts. Anyone with unhealthy attitude works tirelessly for unhealthy achievements- thus failure!
Case Study on "Attitude":
Everyone has a level of discipline, a least. That’s why you will see that even the most laziest person will get up from his bed at least even if it’s late. A person will a lazy attitude lack discipline. Imagine one lazy man who decides to write a book of 31 pages  and resolved to write a page per day in the month of August till the month ends to get 31 pages. Lack of a good attitude, discipline to describe it will result in him trying to find where he left his page 4 last night as the month is about to end. Thus “how” he will do it because “attitude” does it in a “how way”. In this case, that how could be described as “inadeduate work”, “shabby work”, so he will pass a slow way to get there!

You may have a vibrant ability, but you must be motivated to spark to movement. You may have motivations to spark your abilities into motion, but you need a healthy attitude in order to do it better in your own style!
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