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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Three (3) unhealthy actions all leaders should avoid

Leadership is a game and games are won by keeping to the rules, principle, terms and conditions that are related. Some principles will suggest you do something. Other suggest you don’t do something at a specific time. Your inability to follow what the principles suggest is a prepared palm to receive failure in that game. Leadership is also a game that requires a lot of dos and don’ts. This concept leads us to knowing some three (3) major unhealthy things to avoid in leadership, namely;

1.       Unhealthy ego
2.       Unhealthy associations
3.       Unhealthy lifestyles
1. Unhealthy ego:
This is  a kind of ego that lack secured, and well defined personal boundaries. Unhealthy ego results in grandiosity and makes the leader feels exaggerated ideas about him or herself. A person with unhealthy ego will probably:
·         Talk to others frequently about him or herself even if not asked. Every story in a conversation leads to his or her autobiography.
·         Deny credit to others even when they deserve it at the expected time
·         Make the leader to stop learning by creating a sense of complacency in him or her. He or she feels there is nothing again to be known
·         Blame others in their mistakes instead of assisting them in correcting the mistake created
·         Complain about a problem instead of seeking the solution
2. Unhealthy association:
Social issues are of great concern to every leader. As a leader, you need to;
1.       Know who to identify as a friend and who to avoid as a foe
2.       Associate yourself with people with similar mindset and ideology
3.       Make decisions that do not negatively influence your relationships.

Unhealthy association is a kind of social integration that negatively affects a person’s disposition owing to a difference in character, ideology or culture between two or more people. It is always said that “show me your friends and I will tell you your character”. Why?  This is because of the role that association plays in influencing characters. Bad companies (unhealthy associations) the scripture says corrupt good behaviours. Beware of your associations as leader.
3. Unhealthy lifestyles:
Unhealthy lifestyles are typical examples of behavioural actions that contribute no quota to success. Instead, they result in disgraceful personal branding which does not create attractive environments for success to visit. Unhealthy lifestyles that contradicts good leadership roles are divide into tthree main parts as follows:
1.       Unhealthy behavioural patterns: for example
Ø  Over-engagement in arguments
Ø  Over-complaining about tasks instead of deciding solutions
Ø  Giving excuses frequently and procrastinating takes
Ø  Portraying a-know-it-all behaviour
Ø  Exhibiting bad listening skills 

2.       Unhealthy health lifestyles
Ø  Smoking excessively
Ø  Addiction to drinks
Ø  Bleeching of the skin
Ø  Over-eating

3.       Unhealthy work attitude
Ø  Excessive lateness to work
Ø  Poor communication leading to poor client relationship
Ø  Over reacting to little issues
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