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Friday, 17 August 2012

The past- a nightmare; The future, a dream

There is a saying that “you live to be wrong when you forget your past”. No arguments about this. But to make it complete, “you live wrongly if you permit your past to negatively influence your future”. Majority of people who live in the past today are those who cannot focus the future for a clearer view. Your past, whether successful or not can greatly influence your present and consequently your future. An unsuccessful past may haunt you by creating fear in you, even in your night dreams. Likely, a successful past may also create and brand complacency for you. Think like Albert Einstein who describes his major achievements as a mere stepping stone for greater accomplishments. By so doing, he overcame complacency which stops the progress of achievers. Think not about your past failures, else they will haunt your future to death. Rather use them as lessons to help you dream bigger.

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