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Saturday, 25 August 2012

"It is good, it is well"- (An African Story)

Everything happens because it was destined to happen. Truly, even failures and disappointments we encounter in a certain minute are all for our victory in the next minute. There is this African story of a King called Nana Wofo. He was a talented man such that when he was a child, almost everyone pleads to seek an advice from him. He was noted to have killed many wild animals in the Nalem evil forest, where all brave men would not have loved to hear in their ears. Nana Wofo’s talent and bravery brought him fame and courage that earned him the throne after the father’s death. His father was murdered by a suspected group of gangs who made away the kings regalia and precious chains. All efforts to get the murderers arrested could not work out. The kings precious chains were missing. During his leadership period as a traditional ruler of Asimani village, Nana Wofo still goes on his hunting expeditions and a talented hunter.

One day, some strangers found their ways into the gates of Asimani, only to be directed to Nana Wofo’s palace for reception. On arrival, Nana accepted them kind heartedly as he always does to other strangers by giving them one of his wide apartments as their temporal residence. A conversation with the visitor made the king convinced that they were very wise; even wiser than he does. He however decided to keep them in the village as his friends forever. All the friends disagreed, except one, Teley who accepted to remain.
Teley became the chief’s best friend and offers the king series of help as they go to the bush together to hunt for bush meat. One thing so unique about Teley is his ability to give a good compliment for every circumstance. Even if he is in pain, Teley would say “it is good”. On the Kings birthday, when the kings inquired from him to give recommendation about his palanquin, all that Teley was able to say was “it is good”. This made the king to be proud of him. Gradually, everybody in and outside the palace began to call Teley “it is good” and he will respond to that call “it is well”. He one day cautioned the teenagers during their puberty rites with his encouraging words. He informed them that sooner or later, they will be getting married and that marriage though is complex they should say in every challenge “it is good”.
The first Saturday of the first month of the year was meant for sharing grasscutter meat from household to household. King Wofo and Teley however decided to hunt for the grasscutter meat that morning for the evening’s feast. They set off early and got many animals killed except for a grasscutter. At exactly noon, they were however lucky to have seen a fat grasscutter grazing on a green grass few meters away. As they always go by it, Teley put the bullet into the gun for the king to shoot at the animal. Unfortunately, he did not place it well. The consequence of this mistake accidentally made the king to shoot his fingers off. The king got angry at Teley, showing him the bleeding hand with fingers chopped off. When Teley saw the king in tears and pain, he looked again at the wound of the kings and gave a louder shout “it is good”. Nana Wofo got angry at his remarks, asking that how can pain, tears and bleeding be good? When they got to the house, he made his guards arrest Teley and had him imprisoned for life.
Nana Wofo now resolved and hunts alone after his wounds got healed. One day, he was enjoying his expeditions till he got deep into the forest where no one goes and returns safely. All of a sudden, he could hear some strange noise all around. Next was a tragedy. Wild cannibals just surrounded him. They carried him to their territory to eat him up. When they arrived, Nana Wofo got panicked due to what he saw. There were bones of human beings that they cannibals ate few minutes ago. It was time for him too to be eaten. Six cannibals surrounded him and removed his cloth. They were just about to start eating him when one of the cannibals  saw that two of his right fingers were missen. They stop immediately and got afraid because cannibals don’t eat disables. In fear, the cannibals dressed the kings again, carried him to where they found him and run away in fears. Immediately the king returned to the house and narrated the story to his house hold. He remember that it was because of the  wound caused by Teley, that he is still alive. Nana wofo on that note rushed to the prison where Teley was kept. When Teley saw the king, he smiled and said “it is good you came here”. The king replied, yes “it is good”, and “it is good I got wounded” because, this wound same me from cannibals. Cannibals don’t eat disabled; the wound saved me. The king turned to Tilley and apologized. He said “am sorry to bring you to prison for what you did, I didn’t know it is good”. Teley smiled again and answered, “it is good you brought me to prison, else I will be with you in the bush and the cannibals would eat me because I am not disabled; its is good”. The king now understand that everything is good. As they were leaving the prison, the kings saw his father’s chain on the neck of one of the prisoners.  He quikly ordered for a check and it was realized that that prisoner was the murderer of nana woofo’s father. In tears, Nana again whispered “it is good that I came here”!.
So you see, my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, what you are passing through is good. Just shake yourself, be proud to say “IT IS GOOD, IT IS WELL”
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