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Friday, 30 November 2012

# 1. Poor preparation: (Seven (7) main reasons why people become quitters)

A task poorly prepared for will only do the best that a lorry does when it is out of fuel. Or fair enough, a fuelled vehicle with the driver’s feet on the brake pads. A poorly prepared person is linked to the five (5) foolish virgins that the scripture talked about in Matthew 25 who were compelled to give up because of unpreparedness.

To prepared means to set aside points, values, deadlines and clear lines of action as far as goals are concerned. A usual saying reads; “Prior preparation produces peak performance” and in the same vain we can say “proper preparation prevents poor performance”. Poor preparation leads to the following three (3) points;
  • 1.      Pointlessness: A person without a clear definition of goals and purpose will have no clear action to take.
  • 2.      Procrastination: A person who lacks preparation extends tasks into the future since he meets things that must but dealt with by well thought schedules.
  • 3.      Perplexed mood: Once with an undefined goal, one will be perplexed since he will not know of where to start and where to end.
In every pursuit, prepare before you set off since there is only a thin line that exists between success and failure. That thin line is “Preparation”.

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