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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

# 3. Constant improvement:- (Five (5) things it takes to be an achiever)

Decades ago, the Wright brothers (Orville and Wilbur) worked together to invent the first airplane which was made up of frames of metallic bars. Today, pictures of that first airplane do not look attractive in any way. Ask why and you will get the answer to be “improvement”. Today’s airplane is really different from the model invented initially and I believe if the first inventors are resurrected from the grave today to pilot today’s airplane, they might ask for some time to learn about it.

Why? It is because there were series of improvements and modifications on what was first developed and each attempt to modify the structure earns the machine more comfort.  Improvement is geared towards attaining excellence. It clearly tells us that a dream is not achieved overnight. You keep improving on upon what you dream about and work out the improvements with passion till the final product is ready to be celebrated with excellence.

If you dream about writing a book, believe it or not, you just don’t have it published on the following day. You need to draft, edit, re-edit, type… all these are meant and geared towards improving what you envision. Thus maybe you write one chapter per week or less and once committed, you will have the true version of your dream book.

As an aspiring achiever, set goals for yourself and every single step you take should shape your dream into its divine format! Take today as another day to add another block to the castle you envision!

“Repetition of the same thought or personal action develops into a habit when repeated frequently enough becomes an automatic reflex”- Norman Vincent Peale

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