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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

# 2. Self-Analysis - (Five (5) things it takes to be an achiever)

Self-analysis or self-audit is a qualitative measure of regular personal assessment meant to identify any inclination or declination in personal exploits. By the attitude of self-analysis, a destined achiever or an aspiring achiever becomes aware of whether he/she is on track or wallowing in a pit of stagnation.
To audit yourself, order you conducts aright and watch yourself from the back to see how you are faring. You also ask questions about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Think about who you impress and why you impress that person. Through this you will discover the acts that add value to you and your accomplishments.

All achievers in one way or the other had encountered a tap on their respective shoulders through daily experiences that kept telling them to “get back on track”. They also had encouragements at certain times and rebukes from people who are truly responsible and offered them a mentoring directions. Rebukes made them realized that they were drifting and all they need to do is to re-align.
Carefully offer the opportunity to similar minded people to inform you about where you are heading towards and you will surely be there!

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