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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You will also be like them

My eyes gripped a scene on the screen a while ago when I was watching a televised documentary. The documentary was about African culture and that episode revealed pictures about African rites somewhere in the western diaspora. The shot that brought my attention to this concept was the coverage of a cemetery ground featured in the documentary. I saw a sign post mounted beside the main entrance of the fenced graveyard and on it was written “we were once like you; you will also be like us”.
On the spot I became terrified as if the inscription was written by one of the inmates of those immovable tombs and was reading it to me in voice saying “we were once like you; you will also be like us”. It took me few hours to appreciate the faultlessness of the statement after reality dawned on me. I agreed and whispered to myself, “It is a fact”. One day soon to come, our fleshes will also find resting spaces under one of those compacted stony frames although that will never be our spirit’s home.
I agree will everyone who believes and affirms “no condition is permanent”. With time, everything will change.

“For everything that the future holds, one thing is certain; it will not be the same”- Alan More
In everyone’s life, it is certain that the future will never be the same! It will definitely change whether positively or negatively!
Your assignment on earth is just to envision the future to see its change as positive. A future well-planned is always bright!

“The quality of persons’ life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor”- Vince Lombardi.
As an aspiring achiever, you have celebrated achievers who were once like you, young and dreaming big. If you truly dream and stay committed to be a great achiever like they were, you must first acknowledge this fact that they were once like you! Once they were once like you, why won’t you also be like them one day? You can, and will definitely be like them! You can graduate to that peak of excellence even being more than they were! Always put this on your tongue and affirm it every day!

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