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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

# 5. Personal branding- (Five (5) things it takes to be an achiever)

Do you know how those great achievers left their success footprints on earth? It was by how they branded themselves and you can also do the same and be like them! Branding of self has to do with adding a “specific” name tag to yourself and by that name tag, you are being marketed. Any one that sees that tag reflecting in you will proclaim “that is the person we were talking about”!

If you brand yourself as a “smoker”, everyone who heard about you and sees you for the first time may be inspecting you with glances to see if smokes are coming out of your nostrils even at the time that you are not smoking! What you say, how you said it and why you said it; what  you do, how you did it and why you did it; how you feel and how you react when you feel that way, all goes into branding you with a “peculiar” trade mark that tells the whole world who you are.

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