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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

We are all involved

One of the lines of my favourite Ghanaian patriotic song reads “We are all involved in building our motherland”. I grew to appreciate the power of that statement so much that it reminds me always as I found in in the Cambridge Idiomatic Dictionary that; “Rome was not built in a day”. My nation was commenced by some celebrated heroes, handled by soon gone patriarchs and now in the care of the current living population, hoping to be handled to the unborn generation. All these folks have contributed to the success of one nation. We have arrived on an earth teach tells us with experiences that our activities are intertwined in such a way that not one can say “I want to mind my own business”. As it happens on the football pitch, somebody defends and someone else attacks, but they all look forward to a common victory. Remember your life is dependent on someone’s achievement and so, your achievement should also put someone to work. No one lives for himself alone. No one works to created success in the world alone. We are all involved.

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