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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Factors to consider in Decision Making

1. Clearly define what the problem. If possible, write it down.
2. Be careful about things that look too simple. Look at all sides
3. Having done this, restate the problem.
4. Determine all possible causes to the problem
5. Prepare for the worse case scenarios; Sometimes we are afraid of the problem or our ego gets into the situation.
6. Determine all possible solutions to the problem.
7. Consult with others.
8. Conduct a 360 analysis of all proposed solutions.
9. Make the call or decision
10. Assign responsibilities to people to solve the problem. Be part of the broad solution
11. Authorize and empower them with the mandate to follow through.
12. Resource the people to succeed
13. Set deadlines
14. Set a schedule for reporting back as to what is going on.
15. Stick with implementation all the way through

- By Captain Budu Koomson


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