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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Are you shy because of your "DIRTY CLOTHES"?

I wonder why some people pretend to be who they are not just because of the fear of bringing outside their dirty clothes to wash. Well, if your STOMACH pains you and you insist on telling the NURSE that it’s your BACK that itches, I guess your problems will remain as they are forever.

Zaccheus became a friend of Christ because he didn't keep his "cheating cloths" hidden. Jabez became wealthy because he did not keep his "painful cloths" hidden. Hannah became a mother because she didn't keep her "barren cloths hidden".

When the dirty cloths remain stacked in the room, I am sure public toilet will be a better place to sleep at rather than that room. But if you insist, pack them into the dirty wardrop in your dirty room and you will have a "dirty aroma" to inhale.

* Lets wise up, my people, cry your dirty plights to Christ... Don't hide them!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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