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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Keep the tongue, but change the language...

The tongue is a source of life and death. Yes! But if you become crippled to progress as a result of your tongue, don't blame the tongue; blame the language.

You have the same fleshy tongue as others have, but the question is what do they use it for. On the tongue of successful people are found positive words, brilliant affirmations and purposeful dreams for a thoughtful future.

On the tongues of unsuccessful people are complains, worries and affirmations of self-worthless with reflections of an IMPOSSIcan't attitude.

Don't ever think you can be a winner when you remain a chronic complainer about your situation. Declare a bright future for yourself and believe you can grab it. Decree a thing and it shall be done, said the Bible.

Next time you open your mouth, let your language be clean, positive, bright, neat, pure, sweet and worth of a good testimony. Say something good about yourself because you deserve to be great!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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