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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Keep saying it...

Don't zip your mouth on what you can do very well. Sometimes, it will sound in people's ears as if you are showing off. It is not so until you have the same intention as they also have.

You see how "tomatoes sellers" do it in the market? They call everyone passing to draw their attention to what they sell... Politicians easily win the hearts of their fans by making their manifestos and campaign messages sound realistic in their ears. 

"Tror tror" and other lorry drivers keep shouting at lorry station in search for passengers... Yes! What are you doing to make your dreams known to others?

Do you still think it's pride if you speak about your dreams? What of if God created someone to pay for part of your dreams and you do not let the person know of it?
Be convinced about your potentials and when you get hold of it, keep on saying it. Don't stop speaking it... Tell people who will listen to you and you will find God's own messengers in your life.

Live life sooooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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