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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Your harvest time is the future!

The success of the future does not lie solely on the safety of the past, but broadly on the security of the present.
The future depends on today's actions. 

Tomorrow begins from today that is why tomorrow is partly predictable. Your past which once had a frown with sad miseries can smile with success stories, if only you desire it and fight for it.

Who gets the guts to stop your bright future? It’s you because you own what it takes to make or unmake you; bake and unbake you; cake or uncake you!

God is looking for your fruits; he has given the fertile soil... Don't give him back those old seeds... Plant them promptly! Forget about the poor yield of the previous season. Another season in here; it is your harvest time!

Live life sooooo well !!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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