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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Believe and Achieve!

Begin to raise high the rent fee of the disbelief that had rented a space under your reasoning chamber and you will sack it away. This punishment destroys the good tenant-ship between it and you and sets you high for success.

Doubts dig a deep pit and disbelief pushes a lazy man into it. Both are equally unqualified and too criminal to live together with you; partly because you need not to dwell with hole-diggers and also because they have no know essence.

Monday to Sunday, Believe and Achieve; January to December, Perceive and Receive; B.C to A.D, Conceive and Believe!

Live a life whose sun will rise up in its glamorous exhibition to lick the wet dew on the surface of the green leave with it's heat. With your power, prayer and God given passion chose to live alone if you will be compelled to mingle with disbelief! It never pays because it had never paid before!
Go the extra mile…

Live life sooooo well !!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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