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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Intimacy with Christ:

When you are close to Christ, you are enclosed in liberty. You can never be intimidated by man if you are intimate with Christ. For total redemption, never struggle to live in Christ; rather Struggle to make Christ live in you.

When Christ is in you, the fruits you bear will resemble the ones he born when He was alive. He manifests his strength in your weakness. When you are weak, you become strong.
Christ is Love; Love is everything; therefore, Christ is everything.

It is one thing knowing the principles of Christ; and it is another thing portraying the personality of Christ. Christ's principles become useless to you when you hear and know them but do not long to exhibit His personality.

May we be counted worthy by accepting Christ who is willing to live in us.
Christ in you, is the hope of Glory....!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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