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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The tragedy of Tradition!

Tradition is the prison, where change is detained... Tradition keeps "Change" on trial by delaying the "Verdict". Tradition is the password that keeps change under lock. If you refuse change, you will fade and guess the cause; "those old ways of doing things".

16th Century roads cannot lead to 21st Century abodes... No old plans can lead to new excellences; and sadly all old excellences are new mediocrities.

Don't renovate the roads that lead to old destinations; it is a waste of time, money and energy. Don't paint the old cracking walls; it is a waste of the paint.

When the boat is leaking, patching the leaks will be of no importance; changing the vessel should be the priority on the agenda to kill that "tradition".

Though the "Personality" of God does not Change; and His "Purposes" do not Change, His "Plans" always change! God's "purpose" for Israelites to reach Canaan did not Change; but his plan to use Moses as their leader Changed.
Wake up! We are in A.D 2013, not B.C.

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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