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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Be responsible and accountable!

One major way to avoid shifting blames unto other people is to accept and agree that the efforts that turn the loads of your self-improvement have to turn on your own pivot. You are the machinery that ought to propel yourself under guidance of the compass of the Holy Spirit of God.

Many a time, we live life without having access to the thoughts of how the hours of yesterday were spent. This comes to play because of lack of self-analysis and does not help in any way to create the excellence we pursue. When you live today, being accountable for yesterday, today will be better because you would have taken the chance to know the activities and people who unmade and made your day and edit today's plans for the better!

Never wake up waiting to hear a command from someone before you make a move; be responsible! Never repeat what made you to waste an hour of yesterday; be accountable!

Watch your time; keep your eyes on your talents. Set your goals and move into action. You owe the world a birth of success; Go, begin to labour for it now!


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