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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Peace be unto you!

The political definition of peace is "absence of conflicts in a particular area". When no bombs are blasted, no guns are shot, no guns fights come across, etc., that's when the world say "There is peace". No wonder Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace was bold to say "I gave you peace, my peace I gave you; not as the world has given you".

The peace we have in Christ carries heavier privileges than the mere absence of social conflicts; peace in Christ maintains you as a steady Christian who will not fall of the track of glory!

The peace of Christ in you is like a river; although its surface may be swept with waves of turbulence, underneath is cool, steady, untouched and unshaken! It keeps flowing at a steadily rate!

Social conflicts become past issues if people maintain peace in their hearts at first. Peace within the heart can only be given by Christ for free; Let your heart not be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Christ Jesus.

Enjoy the peace within you!


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