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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Four (4) main factors that can kill your dreams!

Dreams are like living things; they can grow, they can suffer disabilities, they can have deficiency diseases and they can also die off when they meet unfavourable and favourable conditions. For a dream to die, something so tragic would have definitely gone wrong! Unfortunately, most dreams that have suffered to death have been murdered by their own owners. Be careful you don’t kill your own dreams.
The following factors have been arrested as the armed factors that are responsible for the death of many millions of dreams. I have shared them on Facebook, twitter and other social networks and they’ve really gone a long way to influence people. Get them now, and keep your dreams alive;

1.      Negative attitudes: Someone may have all the technical knowledge, scientific intellect and business know-how but when he/she decides to choose laziness, excuses, procrastination, complaining and other bad attitudes, his/her relevance is meaningless. You may know how to it, but you have to choose to do it. The binding factor between knowing something and doing it is "passion". When your passion is concentrated in what you know, your work output will bind well.

Apostle Paul advised; "whatsoever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord, and not unto men" (Colossians 3:23). Do what you choose to do with all your heart, head and hands! Your attitude determines how passionate you do what you choose to do. Choose a good attitude and that is the key to making great impacts! Never be fooled to follow the wrong direction; you dreams will be alive and grow into success! Negative attitudes can murder your dreams in cold blood; get informed!

2.      Negative environments: Not every environment accepts the progress you want to put across. Take a second look at what you dream about, be sure it can progress very well at where you are; Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not fertile grounds for a farmer’s dream seeds. Go and relocate!

In one opinion, the house in which you stay, the church you attend and the town in which you reside may not determine the size of your dreams, but they can influence the rate of maturity of the dream seeds you have planted. On the other hand, your dreams can change the environment which was not conducive for it at first! However it is a good initiative for the dreams that would change one society to be nursed in another environment, before being transplanted to strive in its original environment for the change process to begin! Watch out and relocate; a negative environment can suffocate your dreams to death.

3.      Negative brands: Whatever you do gives you the name it gives. When you do a negative thing, you give a negative impression about yourself to those who watch or get to know you. That is your brand. For the sake of your dreams, don't create negative brands for yourself, else you scare away opportunities that are meant to be your turning point! Below are some negative brands you may hear or experience. It goes with what people say about how you behave.... e.g.;

>> That is the nurse who shouted on me when I was admitted at the hospital!
>> That is policeman who was bribed by our driver when we were on the journey!
>> That is the pastor who advised me to go for a second wife when my first wife was giving me into trouble!
>> That is the teacher who coerced me to make love with him so that he will give me a better grade in the examination!
>> That is the friend who betrayed me yesterday for the seventh time only in this week!
>> That is the lady who disappointed me when I caught her “doing it” red-handed!
>> That is the young man who cheated on me and told me lies upon lies!
>> That is the politician who promised to give us the moon for free, but has never lend us a torchlight!
>> That is the driver who always disrespect traffic rules!
>> That is the lawyer who took bribe to make my case flopped!

That is him.... There she is!

Avoid every opportunity that calls itself a privilege and is meant to create a feature of negative brands on you. Stay blessed and advice your conscience! When you build up a negative brand, you are likely to scare away the nourishments of great opportunities and this makes dreams malnourished to death!

4.      Negative people; As long as there is life, there is a potential; and as long as there is a potential, there will be a success! Never surround yourself with negative people. They...
Demean your value;
Destroy your image and
Drive you crazily!

They Compress, Oppress, Depress, and Suppress your dreams in every way by how they see you, what they tell you and what they think about you!

Don't give yourself to people who try to belittle your ambitions; be positive in your thoughts! Have a good image about yourself; Develop the possibility mentality about your potentials; Visualize your desired end as glorious and always be in focus as a workman for God!

Live life so well that when you achieve what you intend doing; even your critics will forever admit that Napoleon could not have done what you did. Life is deliberate. Success is out of a conscious effort. Be inspired to make your dreams come true!

I believe these and many more will guide you to share your dreams into sizeable shapes! 

Israelmore Ayivor

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