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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Begin with a dream!

Every great accomplishment begins with a dream; Dreams act like the foundations blocks on which the future of a person rests. The weaker the foundation, the poorer the future and more unsecured the life lived!

You don't need to sit on a throne before you have the chance to dream; you don't have to feel fat meat in-between your molars to become a strategic dreamer. You can be a dreamer once you can think; dreams are germinate from imaginations; and survive through actions! Indecision weakens dreams; inaction kills them!

Being a dreamer does not mean you are walking with your head in the clouds; dreams rather create a way through the cloud and beyond for those who will take up the challenge to get them fulfilled. Which of your dreams are sleeping on paper at the moment? They can't afford to remain there for long; get up and take a step!

Every dream has its respective responsibility; Be responsible for the dreams you have and you will make it to the top!

Shape the dream!


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