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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

You too can make a change happen!

Some opportunities are really rare. They come once in a blue moon. One of those rare encounters is the one my ear had with Prof. J.B.K Aheto yesterday! My mouth followed him word to word and this is an almost word to word statement that made my day yesterday;

He said; "Youths in the church must strive to make a change. When a change is meant to be made, a struggle must precede it. Youths of today must not agree with someone to tell them to keep waiting...but rather take the challenge to make that difference happen"!

I believe by that statement, the academic guru and outstanding model simply exhorted that "nothing comes with ease; nothing comes by mere expectancy". Yes! A change is meant to be the result of a harvest. If you don't begin by sowing it, you don't end it with a harvest irrespective of whether you are old or young!

Unfortunately, most young people in the church hide behind "rocks of mere hope" expecting that one day, "a change will happen" once they are praying and fasting! No, mere prayers don't make some changes effective. I agree with Prof. and plead to add; "if a change is to be made, people who don't believe in working for that change are obstacles on the way of that change". Don't be part of that tragedy!

Believe that you (I mean you) are a potential pivot along which change can be experience in your community, country and continent. However, if you claim "change is impossible" perhaps because you are young, you are an obstacle that cannot resist oppressor obstacles!

Go, make a change by stretching hard!


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