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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Stop “marking time” and march forward!

Perhaps it has been a long time that you have been “marking time” now; it’s time to match forward. You are the commander of your own dream contingent and hence, you need not to wait and hear another command. What if the commander or commando decided to keep saying “left-right”, “left-right”, ‘left-right”… when will you stop “marking the time” on the same spot?

Keep marching forward and let nothing stop you; keep marching forward and you will salute your achievements soon! Keep your “eyes-right” and be alert of any new opportunity having its eyes on you. Keep your arms stretching up with passion; keep them moving at your shoulder level. You can’t keep your arms in a static position on the sides of your body and get hold of what is ahead of you!

Don’t entertain your eyes with sleep; great people don’t do that. Never march in a crooked line; make the pattern of your actions take a straight course. Integrity is when your actions don’t bend to redefine who you are to the surprise of those who are happily watching how wonderfully you are ‘marching forward”. Applause will come from the crowd; that is assured. But it should never distract your attention. Insults may also come from the same crowd, but never give up; march forward!

Stay focused with attention on the flag of success ahead of you and be determined to get there. Success is waiting there to salute you as you salute back. You are destined to be the reason why your country will be in freedom as justice rules. You are the reason why smiles will fill your continent. Go, march forward!

Israelmore Ayivor


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