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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Strike before it becomes too late!

There is time for everything, says the scripture. When the right time comes, the right thing ought to be done! There comes a time that you have to act and failure to do so will render your later efforts valueless!

Footballers or soccer players per regulation are given 90 minutes plus little extra time to justify their inclusions. It was principled to be so; it's a rule and if you want to win the game; you must work within the confines of the set rule!

It does not matter how skillful you play, how tactical you dribble and how faster you are able to run after the final whistle. Once the final whistle blows, it's impossible to make an influence on the figures written on the scoreboard!

Move now and Strike now! No time to waste at all. Never give up till it becomes too late. No matter how many times your obstacles hit you to the ground; you can rise up again and take "a free kick". Make a good use of your rising up and take strike harder than ever!

A little time can help you to make a great impact, therefore you should never despise few minutes. Do it till it's done!

Best wishes!


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