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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Until my good is better....

Facebook is asking me for my status, right? Well this is what I have to say.... "...After working hard in the emergency team to save the lives of a dozen of surviving casualties of yesterday's tragic accident, I walked home lately in the night with my nursing uniform stained with blood all over... Although I was so proud to have seen majority of the casualties in surviving stake, I struggled to sleep overnight but to no avail due to the twisted muscles that gave me pain on my back, neck and thighs... I got off bed with the same tiredness ... by the grace of God it was Sunday morning and as usual, about 3-hour's journey sent me to the Volta Regional capital city for today's church service at my beloved branch; Then from there I joined my colleagues of Impact Web for some discussions; from there, off we went for our weekly motivational Radio talk show which ended successfully. Quickly, another 3-hours' journey back to my base. I arrived 25 minutes ago, took 10 minutes bath, 10 minutes meal, 5 minutes to dress up and off to night duty, expecting no sleep overnight due to the condition of the survivors of the foretold mass casualty incidence”!

You see, sometimes, I dodge my food, I swerve my sleep, and I skip my comfort in order to achieve my dreams of saving lives and inspiring people. I have a strong belief that accomplishments never come with ease; but sacrifice, pain and toils make it happen. I therefore learnt to train my eyes not to have rest, until my good is better, my better becomes best and my best becomes excellent.... I won't give up!

I thank God for releasing extra power through me whether tasks come in multiple folds. 

Israelmore Ayivor


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