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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Prayer, Faith, Work...

Prayer is the master key, but without Faith, you may not have the passion to grab that key. Faith without Work means, you grabbed the key, but you are not willing to open that door!

Whenever you pray for a the deserts to become a forests, God gives rain and seeds and not flowering trees. It is easy for people to complain that their prayer was answered, meanwhile it was answered!
Success comes first in the attire of "opportunities" and people who have only "sights" with no "visions" are blind to know!

God hides things in things; in every little egg he hides a flock of chicken... Don't see God as a physical being; He is a spirit and that spirit works through fleshes like you and I, if we avail ourselves for Him to use.

Pray and have faith for what you prayed for. However, be ready to work. Don't expect God, a spirit to come down and you watch him do great things in your life. Give your life to Christ and Christ will work God's plans for your life through you!

Great Day!

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