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Thursday, 16 January 2014

# 4. Fear of causing harm to others: (Seven types of FEAR that drives success away)

This type of fear keeps plans under lock. A person may dream and make plans to execute those dreams, but obsessive thoughts about others may pin him to be static. Some of those thoughts would arise from the common culture of the people. 

Some people do believe that they must all be at equal levels and anyone who tries to progress must be brought low. However, they don’t make any attempt to make progress uniformly.

There are situations where you may be persuaded to become inactive because your success may bring harm to others. If you are too obsessed over how they should feel instead of how you should optimize your talents, you are not going to make it. It is not right you make yourself as equal sinner just because your righteousness will cause harm to the friends you are with. Don’t think of those who are not doing it; you must do it.

Your assignment is different from another person’s own and hence, the negligence attitude of someone must not suppress your passion.

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#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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