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Thursday, 16 January 2014

God's thoughts are on you!

God had not created anyone with the idea of destroying him or her later in life. He has a reason for creating you and he is ready to guide you to make it come to pass if only you give him a chance to do so.

God's thoughts for you are not thoughts of failure, suffering and chronic deprivation! You may go through a temporal hardship but remember, that is not going to last long; God will relocate you for your permanent identity when you permit him to come into your life.

The good book says His plans are meant to prosper us and give us and expected end, but not to harm us;

I decree and I declare;

We are sons and daughters with a perfect will. We are sons and daughters of a successful end. We are sons and daughters of prosperity. Ask why? It is because that is our fathers' thought concerning our lives. It will never fail in Jesus' name!

We will live to give the Lord his due praise! With him, we can do it. Amen!.

#UcanDoIt. Great day!

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