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Thursday, 30 January 2014

God knows you!

A manufacturer does not finish making his products before asking "what will I use this for"?. He knows the reason why he is making it and makes it to fulfill that reason! God knows why he was creating you before he did so. It's not now that He will think of what to use you for...

May He guide you to make the right choices!
May He equip you to follow the right directions!
May He save you to pursue your ideal dreams!
May He empower you to do all things meant for you!

He can do it... He has done it! Never look down on upon yourself because God did not look down on His creative abilities when He was about to create you. Whatever reason He has for your life will come to pass if only you are walking on His path. Remember, your great riches are on the ways God created. If you miss the way, you are automatically missing the great treasures!

Walk on the way!

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Israelmore Ayivor

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